How to save money to buy toilet paper ?

All of us at the toilet must use toilet paper to clean it either at home or at work. The toilet paper has all the cost to buy it. Many people are choosing the wrong type of toilet paper can cause the cost of this part is very expensive. The CENCLEAN knowledge of the scab. That may cause many people to say in a single voice, “Yeah .. really.”

Toilet paper or tissue paper There are many types of paper such as handkerchief. Napkin tissue Roll toilet paper Roll Toilet Paper These categories have clearly separated usage. Many people still choose the wrong type of paper. By the majority of people are familiar and familiar with small toilet paper. Because they can be bought easily and easily. People often use small rolls of toilet paper, such as wipes, wipes, facial cleansers, which can be used because rolls of small rolls are designed for use on all sides. With emphasis on compactness to carry. But users need to be aware of the cleanliness of the paper used. In case to use face mask. Or subtle areas

Choosing the right toilet paper Very important Because each type of toilet paper has different properties of paper texture according to the application conditions. Then how to choose the right toilet paper will save money?

If you give a clear example. We will give you an example of how to buy toilet paper for use in various bathrooms. Whether at home or at various places. By comparison between small roll paper And toilet rolls By the criteria to measure the most cost-effective toilet paper for use in the bathroom is the length of the paper itself.

By roll toilet paper. Most will be at 600 meters per roll, which will cost around 70 baht / roll.

And toilet paper roll It will be about 17 – 20 meters long with a price of about 4-5 baht.

If compared by paper length If a small roll of toilet paper is to be used, a roll of roll paper of the same roll size must be used.

It can be seen that the cost of buying it. It is quite different. For other toilet paper as well. If you choose to buy toilet paper by type of use. It will allow you to use the performance of toilet paper fully. And better than the choice of toilet paper does not match the type of use, of course.

and the most important If you would like to buy a toilet paper product for use in your home or office, you should choose toilet paper made from pure wood pulp. There are no fluorescent and foreign substances in our CENCLEAN products to ensure that you are safe from germs. And not harmful to health when you use toilet paper.