Brand comperation by recycle paper test

ow do we know? Which brand of recycled paper is recycled paper? Recycled recycled paper is a mixture of fluorescents. And the bleach is also. There are three simple ways you can test yourself, see the following:

1. Test by wet toilet paper     “When  put into water, toilet paper. And stay away for a moment You will see a change of color on the toilet paper. If any toilet paper that changes the color of the paper from white to black as A and B in the image is a signal that. Brand toilet paper is recycled paper used to be recycled for use again. The manufacturers will use bleach and lighter substances for recycled paper. Make the paper white too. “



“If you notice the tissue when wet, a black dot appears on the paper. That is a clear indication that the toilet paper you use is recycled paper itself. ”

3. Test the luminous contamination with the banknote detector.

This test is used for fluorescence detection. In toilet paper, if any toilet paper. A mixture of fluorescents. Will reflect the reflected light. When tested in a banknote detector such as the A brand in the picture, but for the CENCLEAN toilet paper does not reflect when tested. This is proof that CENCLEAN ® toilet paper does not contain any ”