Why choose CENCLEAN tissue!!!

  • Price competition and advertising costs.
  • Sellers may reduce their quality costs. To be a leader in the market.
  • Smart manufacturers must know how to check the product quality.

1. CENCLEAN Virgin Toilet paper is clean, soft,
2. CENCLEAN Virgin paper saver compared with paper rolls as small as 32 rolls, saving you money.
3. CENCLEAN Virgin toilet paper wider width With a width of 9 cm makes cleaning fast and easy.
4. CENCLEAN Virgin Toilet Paper is ISO 14001 and ISO 9002 certified. FSC is made from 100% pure pulp, free from contaminants, no chemicals and fluorescents are safe.
5. CENCLEAN Virgin Toilet Paper has no fluorescent substance. Free of substance that causes skin cancer.
6. CENCLEAN Virgin toilet paper has no black spots, no dirty. There is no religion you can be 100%
7. CENCLEAN Virgin toilet paper is pure natural white and not smell. Production from certified natural virgin pulp no odor, no fungus.
8. CENCLEAN Virgin toilet paper easy resolve into the water without become bulky to avoid blocking toilet and drain system.

How to test tissue chemical!!!!

Make a simple test the toilet paper. Firstly get wet the tissue if the paper color change from brigh to dull colour this show the usage chemical OBA (Optical Brightening Agent).

Another check with  fluorescents If  appears that the paper is glowing this show that tissue paper contains whitener checmicals also may see black spots and dirty on paper

The danger of luminescence in recycled toilet paper

Fluorescent light in cotton is a flurescence substance derived from the bleaching process, because in the production of natural fibers often contain substances that are naturally colored. The fibers are yellow in color, so it is necessary to bleach the fibers for proper use. The optical brightening agent (OBA) or brightening agent This additive is a fluorescent dye. (Fluorescence dye) when wiping the skin. Excess residue on the skin.
Studies have shown that when fluorescence exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight (a wavelength of 254 nm) may induce carcinogenic effects on the skin. Causes skin cancer. So when choosing to use cotton to clean the skin. Should choose no luminosity. Fluorescence agent free. In addition to cotton, fluorescence is also found in the bleaching process, such as whitewash, toilet paper, toothpaste, lotion, and lotion. When added with fluorescent dye, the brightness is increased. This should read the labels carefully before use. And be careful to use.

By Chawisa Chai Mongkol / Ph.D. Wiboon Wongphawarak