Privacy policy

We would like to inform you of our website policy to maintain confidentiality for customer information or who has visited our website as follows?
May use software devices to collect data on query behaviour of those who visit our website. The information is for the purpose of improving the website to reach the target audience effectively.

The collected data are;

1) date and time of visit;
2) viewing of web pages;
3) time of visit;
4) type of query;
5) internet service provider;
6) Both before and after visiting our website.

Collection and retention of personal data

Information relevant to the client’s website. will only be used for our purposes and legal purposes Consists of Service optimization and used to design products or services as well as special offers , promotions with latest news our company move.  This is according to the needs of the customers by analysing feedback and interest. Customer data will not be collected, stored or maintained for any purpose. However, in case we want to collect data without the purpose of doing so above. We will collect your personal information by requesting information directly from you.

If you choose to provide the following personal information through the application process (sign up for a website click here )

  •  Name – Surname
  • Address
  • Electronic Mail (E-mail)
  • Phone / Fax Number

To our website As well as any business activity or transaction. Of you to our website. We will keep the information confidential. The standard criteria for maintaining confidentiality under the Personal Data Protection Act Information about our customers will be collected. And keep it during the time we And you still have to deal with business. Again, when you send us an e-mail. We will store content in electronic mail. Address of electronic mail And electronic mail interactions. To answer your questions. Or for the need to follow up. And to determine the interactions between our customers and our staff, in which you have questions that are resolved.


Website It will not forward or sell your personal information to third parties. In addition, we will not disclose your personal information to any other organization, except for the purpose of unauthorized use.

1. You have requested and authorized us to perform the action, or
2. The information provided is to facilitate the commencement of your transaction.
3. The disclosure is subject to the law. For example, May be requested to disclose information about our clients by court order or court order with legal power.

Website Make an agreement with a third party to develop and maintain our e-commerce system and the allocation of resources or services on our behalf. The outsiders who came to work for us or come to act on our behalf must agree to maintain customer information of the website. Keep it a secret they must also be bound by applicable law. Whenever a website is hired any other organization Come to support our service. Those organizations must follow. Our confidentiality standards are also confidential.

However, in case of website  enter into a joint marketing agreement and / or jointly promote a third party for the purpose of attracting new customers. If you subscribe to a new customer with our website. Because of this, We reserve the right to confirm certification to third parties. You are a member or our customer.

Security Policy

Website It maintains strict security standards for the purpose of protecting the damage or unauthorised access to your personal information

Website We recognise the importance of Security (Security) of customers who enter into transactions with us.

So we have set the guidelines for site security. The current implementation is as follows.

1. Our website has SSL Certificate concerned with the operation of computer hardware, software and outsourcing contracts in accordance with legal requirements.

2. We have clearly defined the right of access to information on the site’s work system to our employees.

3. We regularly scan the computer system and storage devices.

4. We make regular backups and software on a regular basis.

6. We have used computer operating systems for websites. With the LINUX operating system that can protect against viruses as well.

7. We used a firewall for network security using the advanced policy firewall.

8. In case you have any questions about the security of our website. You may contact us for specific personnel we have assigned to ensure system security at CONTACT US.

Maintaining data integrity

Website There is a process to ensure that Your information is accurate, current, and complete according to business standards. We also have a process to correct faulty data at your request as well.