1 – Payment by bank transfer.

Customers can pay by bank transfer ATM or Internet bank transfer payment.

Please choose how to send proof of payment through any channel as follows;

  1. Fill out the form on the website or Payment by E-mail Confirm Order with proof of payment
  2. Scan the Pay-in Slip after bank transfer or ATM slip the proof of transfer any option suitable here;
  • – Fax;   +66 (0)   
  • – E-mail;   info@cenclean.com
  • – LINE ;   @cenclean
  • – Facebook: @cenclean
  • – Instagram: cenclean

* Send proof of transfer to Email, Line, Facebook Or call Office

2 – The credit card payment

Customers can pay by credit card VISA and MasterCard through website.

1. Payment by credit card online
2. Confirm Order
3. Enter your credit card details and payment confirmation
4. Fill to the Verify
5. Payment successful