How to avoid diseases by using Tissue

Use tissues to be responsible for escape of microorganisms.

“Tissue” has many varieties. Should be used to work properly “toilet paper”, which is popular because it is cheap. Should I use it on the dining table and how can I find the answer here?

if I’m talking about “Tissue” or tissue paper? Most of us tend to include “white paper” or recycle mix paper that has good water absorption properties. It’s a necessity for a household, office, restaurant or almost every place where people live. That “tisch” is often remembered in time of emergency. Wipes clean, however, there are many types of tissues. Can be divided into the following uses:

1. Toilet tissue
2. Facial tissue
3. Paper Napkin
4. Paper Hand towel
5. Versatile paper

But it looks like Thai people like to use without mentioning of type of tissues. We often see toilet paper lying on the table or was wiped face wiped or even to wrap it up or to place a meal. Without any disagreement, both the “toilet paper” is a paper suitable for cleaning after the excretion. The paper is wrinkled, soft, easy to absorb and easy to wash when water is treated.

With the use of toilet paper pay close to almost everything. There is no doubt that the toilet paper is clean and safe. After flipping through the industry standard paper, tissues are found to meet the standards of toilet paper. It focuses on water absorption, degradation, size and dirt. When viewed from the naked eye. We can not see anything normal, but the truth is any hidden stuff? I need to continue reading.

We sent samples of toilet paper. Both Grade A and B 24 samples were inspected in the Thai Central Laboratory for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms, including Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcous, Escherichis coli, Salmonella, Yeast and mold and Total Plate Count. All brands are contaminated with microbes in very small quantities.

However, it is considered non-microbial, so it should be used toilet paper to work. Misuse may cause contaminated microorganisms. And if left for a long time. When something is wiped, it is suitable for the growth of microorganisms. Microorganisms can grow. May cause health effects.

Information Source: Prachachart Business