How to save money by using correct tissue paper

Tissue short words are associated with our daily lives. Using all day along waking up to sleep, toilet to the dining room, from face to foot. It’s all about tissue paper. Think about it, if you wake up tomorrow, we do not have tissues what will happen ?

When we know that tissue is important to our daily lives. Then we know how each tissue used. Why there are so many can use it? “This must be regarding as the nation that applies this tissue most. Because no matter what part to use, wipe it with paper rolls, or we call it a toilet paper. “This kind of sharpening is not an issue. If it does not make us waste more than the usual paper and the consequences.

Tissue paper can be divided into four simple types with different forms and purposes. The first is toilet paper (tissue tissue), a roll of tissue we see each other daily in most bathrooms but sometimes it is in a round plastic box on the table. This toilet paper is responsible for the discharge of our excreta or villagers called wiping paper. Its properties are that it must be soft enough and most importantly, absorb water well. Because most people are still used to dumping toilet paper in the toilet.

Facial tissue is another type of paper that we often see in the home as a sheet of paper in a rectangular box. Its name is already told that its function is to use face mask. No matter wipe the cosmetics or wipe the water after washing the face. Its properties are that it must be soft, dust-free, and sticky enough to not easily get in the way when hit by water.

Napkin paper (napkin) is generally not found in the home. The most common are using from restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops etc… There are usually three types of dinner napkin; napkin paper is for dinner in western culture used often. This fabric is called napkin. The paper is thick and when unfolded at least 14 inches or more, the cocktail napkin is much more than a thousand glasses of cocktail or to wipe the mouth. Spread out about 12 inches. The last is a mini napkin or a small napkin. Usually found in a food center or small restaurant, there are two colors: white and pink. The property is sticky and not watery.

The last one is Paper towels (hand towel) and rarely see you this paper. Most likely, three or more star hotel will be packed in a wall box next to the sink when the name is said to be wiped. It is sticky not soaked and absorbed well also not soft too.

Another one that should be mentioned, even if it is not so much use, is called kitchen towel. It looks like two sheets of toilet paper and thicker paper. Often used in the kitchen to wipe things or lining the frying oil, etc…

By using wrong type tissue may result to have hidden costs that you do not know also even became more expensive. Such as; Using toilet paper for face or other purpose so may need more paper sheets instead of use facial tissue. On the other hand, the more gentle your facial cleanser will be much more healthier and safe your cost. Because the tissue paper has no water-soluble properties. Finally, you have to call a technician to strip pipes.

There is an easy way to test which paper resolve or not int he water. To make basic test with paper by putting into a glass of water then watch how soaking water that is  the glass. To make further action to bring chopsticks or anything that stiffens or swings. If the paper is watery, it will soak until the clear water becomes like coconut water. It will remain unchanged even if stay all day long.

Another important issue is culture diversity from Europe and Asian people by using tissue different purpose. Such as using small  toilet tissue into dispenser for food cleansing mouth in commercial areas. This bring to hygienic issue wrong type tissue by using from restaurant so make value of the place cheap. Pick up toilet paper and send it to the foreigner aware  people have a good culture of service and Thai hospitality.

“Use properly leading to no loss leads to savings. Savings bring environmental and sustainable benefits  “Who knows, how to use the tissue products. It may have been part of our escape from IMF slavery.