Received the DBD Verified Award 2012

Department of Business Development Looking forward to driving e-Commerce business into the Star of the Year. Hope to use electronic commerce to make money into the country. Expand market and reduce costs for Thai SMEs and accelerate business immunity. Strengthened and credible by issuing the DBD Verified sign ready to open the door to ASEAN e-commerce in 2015.

Mr. Siriwat Kajornprasart, Deputy Minister of Commerce Revealed after the presidency, give credibility stamps. To operate electronic commerce “DBD Verified” It has assigned the Department of Business Development to accelerate the promotion of Thai businesses. Most of them are small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). The e-Commerce system is used to expand the marketing channel. And reduce operating costs. And build credibility for the site. By using the DBD Verified Credentials issued to registered e-commerce businesses and passing the criteria set by the Department. This year, there were 56 DBD Verified operators, 62 of which were the highest number of websites since 2007. The Department of Business Development has granted the certification mark. The entrepreneurial spirit and credibility of the DBD Verified mark up to date. Total number of 218 websites received the DBD Verified 2012 sign. The site “” is part of the website that received the DBD Verified logo in 2012. We have received this sign for 2 years (54-55), which is very proud of us. The Department of Development recognizes the efforts and intentions of our company to serve our customers through the website media. And we try and keep going on to get this mark next year.