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Latest products of Cenclean !!!

New Product of the Cenclean find out here !! Prepare to find the latest M-Fold paper towel that adds a whole width. And the number of layers is doubled, plus the quality of paper towels. OHSAS 18001: 2007 / ISO 50001: 2011 / TS 12385 is not enough, with the improvement in thickness  and softness. And […]

CENCLEAN toilet paper really good? What is the difference with other brands?

CENCLEAN toilet paper really good? What is the difference with other brands? CENCLEAN toilet paper is a quality toilet paper that differs from any other toilet paper currently found on paper. Virgin-100% pulp is not recycled toilet paper. Paper texture and length are standard. The toilet paper is made from 100% pure pulp without luminous […]

Brand comperation by recycle paper test

ow do we know? Which brand of recycled paper is recycled paper? Recycled recycled paper is a mixture of fluorescents. And the bleach is also. There are three simple ways you can test yourself, see the following: 1. Test by wet toilet paper     “When  put into water, toilet paper. And stay away for a […]

Our website “” seized the trustmark shield

On September 8, 2011, Department of Business Development The Ministry of Commerce held an E-commerce Day at the 6th Floor, the Trade DevelopmentTraining Center,Department of Business Development, for the Seminar on Electronic Commerce and Building Techniques. Online innovation The honorary ceremonies come to educate the operators. Many of them are: Mr. JirinPermsinManaging Director Online Business […]

Received the DBD Verified Award 2012

Department of Business Development Looking forward to driving e-Commerce business into the Star of the Year. Hope to use electronic commerce to make money into the country. Expand market and reduce costs for Thai SMEs and accelerate business immunity. Strengthened and credible by issuing the DBD Verified sign ready to open the door to ASEAN […]

E-Biz Expo 2016

Cenclean is a guest at the e-Biz Expo 2016, an event that brings together entrepreneurs and related organizations to educate entrepreneurs and those who are interested in becoming one-stop e-commerce. Build credibility and security of trading through electronic commerce. Increase the potential of domestic operators to enter the ASEAN and global competition. June 9 – […]

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