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Knowledge of Tissue Products

Must choose toilet paper!

Tissue paper does not have the same properties or wipe all surfaces on the body. Poor quality but cheap paper, usually with chemical ingredients. Contain corrosive materials Can destroy your penis and when wiping repeatedly It will give you a small wound. These wounds may be infected or irritated. UTI or urinary tract infection is […]

Toilet paper with layers effect

Cenclean small tissue roll

Many people think plies make a difference in toilet paper quality and absorption, but it is not true. The number of plies does not affect the toilet paper quality, also the absorption is caused by the strength of the paper. Many people misunderstanding the market and sometime cause customers confused. Daranee: Tissue paper specialist

How bamboo pulp made toilet paper help to protect the environment?

Thailand has grown a lot of bamboo then we bring bamboo that is used as raw material for production. No use of pesticides or chemicals in planting We produce environmentally friendly products. To respond to consumer behaviour that focuses on protecting and preserving the environment Toilet paper that is sold in most markets Usually produced […]

The paper box, also known as the dispenser, helps reduce the cost by more than 50%.

A paper box, also known as a dispenser, has many types, such as Napkin Dıspenser Paper towel Dıspenser toilet paper packing box Dıspenser are important for the use of toilet paper. Or also known as effective tissue paper Increase good image for the organization and more importantly, help reduce the cost by more than 50% […]

Researchers warned! Sponge dish dishwashing

Believe it or not, “sponge” or “dish washing pad” is used in every household and in restaurants. If not hygienic. May be a breeding ground. And a vehicle of bacteria. Go to household utensils, utensils, utensils or anything else that we are sure to clean very well. The latent bacteria “Dishwashing” or “sponge” can cause […]

Greenspirit Strategies, a leading global environmental consulting organization

Greenspirit Strategies, a leading global environmental consulting organization Greenspirit Strategies is a leading global consultancy organization on the environment and ongoing development. Reported examination results on pulp making activities. In indonesia The results show that sustainable forest management is being implemented to continuously develop forest management systems. To maintain a social, environmental and economic balance […]

Why choose CENCLEAN tissue!!!

Price competition and advertising costs. Sellers may reduce their quality costs. To be a leader in the market. Smart manufacturers must know how to check the product quality. 1. CENCLEAN Virgin Toilet paper is clean, soft, 2. CENCLEAN Virgin paper saver compared with paper rolls as small as 32 rolls, saving you money. 3. CENCLEAN […]

Why tissue get dry ?

Tissue paper when wet, the symptoms are similar. With common paper Is stiff when dry Paper made from trees plants and trees contain cellulose. It is an organic substance that is 2.5 millimeters long when we cut the wood into paper and boil it and use chemicals. The fibers are separated and disintegrated into pulp […]

How to avoid diseases by using Tissue

Use tissues to be responsible for escape of microorganisms. “Tissue” has many varieties. Should be used to work properly “toilet paper”, which is popular because it is cheap. Should I use it on the dining table and how can I find the answer here? if I’m talking about “Tissue” or tissue paper? Most of us […]

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